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Gail Acupunture Figurines edited


"I wasn't sure what to expect but was impressed with the professional set-up. I was very stressed from running my own business and found myself relaxed and well for the rest of my pregnancy" (Susie, 44, Dunstable)

Please note - under new rules published by the Advertising Standards Authority, I am no longer allowed to present case studies or testimonials here from patients referencing their successful treatment for specific medical conditions.

"My treatment has been successful on many fronts over several has helped me cope with a job with night shifts...and manage several significant life crises...the deaths of both parents within a year, my daughter trying to conceive via stressful job as a manager. I would be happy to provide more details if needed. Gail provides a brilliant service and I would like everyone to consider how she can help." (Jill, 58, Sydenham)

"I was struck by Gail's humour, honesty and down-to-earthness. She acknowledged that it may seem strange to pay someone to stick pins in you at first! Anyway, I feel she really knows what she is doing, is confident and professional. The herbs and acupuncture are not an instant cure but improvement was so marked after the first few weeks that friends commented on my demeanour unprompted" (Gwen, 43, London)

"The treatments are very powerful and make a huge difference. With my condition I feel that I need long term support so am still going [to see Gail] regularly. I was able to avoid medication by having Acupuncture. With something like Acupuncture the knowledge and sensitivity of the practitioner matters a lot. Gail is an intelligent and wise lady who gets to the root of the problem." (Rebecca, 36, London)

"At the time I was clutching at straws as nothing else had worked. I was hopeful but also desperate...I felt comfortable and at ease. I was reassured to find out that Gail has studied Chinese medicine extensively and was a very experienced practitioner. I felt that I could trust her judgement even though the method of healing was a mystery to me." (Marina, 42, London)

"I really can't thank you enough! The treatment and care I've had has been incredible and it has helped me through everything...To me it's a lifeline and I frequently come to see you for health issues rather than go to a GP, as you can read me so well now and the treatments always help." (Katherine, 41, Manchester)  

"Visits to Gail were an opportunity to unwind in a supportive and calming environment. The longer I saw Gail the more I felt stronger, more energetic, calmer and more in tune with my natural rythyms." (Cathy, 45, London)

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